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Encourage your meeting participants to write their best ideas right on this cute foam toy.

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The CoreGame makes the core function concrete and provides a good foundation for well-being and pride, mutual understanding, good service and quality, and better prioritization in a busy day.

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The deck of cards contain all elements in any given business model. You and your team chooses one card or more in each category and picks your prefered version. This game takes very little space. Just make sure that the sky is the limit.

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Improve your communication: Use a Response Sign as a nameplate, as a reflection sign, as a recognition sign, to show important key words and topics. Use these signs in your meeting room or in your department.

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Get your team out on the floor and review what they think and how engaged they are. Stand at one end of the rope because you don't see the point. Stand in the other end because you really see a bright future. Stand between these points to illustrate other shades. 

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'The Person of the Year' is an appreciative exercise by the book. Everyone will be involved. Everyone will be recognized. Order this exercise here and receive Handout (in your mail box) and foam trophies (in your mailbox).

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Bring meaning to your weekly team briefing with Bended Words.

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If you want to improve the quality of leadership in your public institution, you can present it in this way in 3 to 4 hours with a great deal of involvement. The plan has 7 parts but can be varied in almost 500 ways. The plan can be used over and over again every time leadership is on the agenda.

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Save 40%: The dialogue cards can be used on both online meetings and live meetings. Put a focus on worklife, motivation og getting to know each other.

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NEW ROUND EDITION: Here's the complete box of yellow, orange and purple 'Infinite QUESTIONS'. When you spot that your team is desoriented - you hand out one or more infinites. Then they start learning to familiarize with the 'topic'. 

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Der er altid plads til dialog. Når du graver dybere i ’sagen’ og i dine kolleger, så udvikler du din virksomhed og dig selv.

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The Mobile Team Meeting Room: Invite your team into the mobile meeting room and meet anywhere indoor and outdoor.

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Spred alle 58 bogstavkort (2 alfabeter) ud på gulvet med billedsiden nedad. Bed nu dine deltagere om at samle 3 tilfældige kort op. Vælg herefter om dine deltagere skal mødes stående på gulvet eller siddende ved mødebordet.

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Play with your feelings: Find your way through the jungle of feelings. Discover that you do not have to be a slave of your emotions. You can even actively transform negative emotions to pleasurable feelings.

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