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Do-it-yourself internal workshop on ‘Safe at Work’

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When you are at work, are with family and friends or a place where you have to work with other people, then it is crucial that there is a reassurance that the words that are said and the body language that are shown does not create fear, but rather a psychological safety = security.

It is important that all employees can work together in a practical harmony. Then everyone dares to say what they mean, think and feel. All for the benefit of our lives and our development and the issues we work with and the solutions we try to find.

Arrange your own internal workshop: Talk, research and make decisions

The best technology available is to talk about things. Talk about fear. Talk about violation. Talk about harassment. Then everyone understands the whole situation much better. We get to listen to each other. We examine content and ingredients. We get closer to the words and their effect. And from here everybody on a higher informed basis can decide how to react in the future and what actions to follow.


The download contains the following items 

  • background information
  • a plan for the manager
  • icebreaker questions
  • questions that digs a little deeper, plus  
  • inspiration for maintaining the agreements. 

Duration of workshop: 60 to 90 minutes. 

We are all different

We are thick, thin, tall, short, intelligent, unintelligent, blue-eyed, green-eyed, calf-kneed, wheel-legged, disabled, lazy, pimpled, long-haired, bald, freckled, toothless, squinty, narrow-shouldered, muscular, lame, stuttering and much, much more . But that does not make any of us any less equal. We can all work together and contribute to the tasks and the company's development. We must all be able to show up for work without fear of abuse and harassment from colleagues and managers.

Make 'job security' an issue you are talking about. Make the workplace harmonious.

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