Rorys Story Cubes ® - DIY descriptions on your meetings

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Make everyone in your team articulate with 9 cubes

Rory's Story Cubes is a startling simple, fun and fast way to invite imagination. The dice rolls. Then they encourage to a surprising input. Let the game begin with 'Once upon a time ...'

9 cubes of 19 mm with 54 symbols that provides 10 million possible combinations!

Roll the dice
Throw the 9 'delicious' dice and be presented with one of 10 million combinations. Use the combination as inspiration to your story.

Discover whats new
The number of applications are endless. Whether used in the classroom or in the conference room, the process of formulating and tell a story delivering astonishing new insights into 'subject', 'language', 'our world' and 'ourselves'.

Be spontaneous
The point is not to think too long. Quickly capture the motives and set your tongue in motion. Your story will unfold gradually as you get started. The story itself will release the creativity, freedom and discovery that will encourage to solve intractable challenges in the company.

Once upon a time ...
Start for example with 'Once upon a time ...' and tell a story that connects all motives, facing upward. Begin with the subject that first catches your attention.

In a small anoxic meetingroom ...
'Once upon a time ...' is just one way to begin a story. As you and your participants become more familiar with the dice motives, try to introduce other 'presentation', such as

It was a dark and stormy night ...
In a remote and unknown future ...
On a small planet very different from planet Earth ...
One day, when the time came to a halt ...
It started as a little white lie ...
It started even up in the boardrooms that ...
In a small, low-oxygen meeting room was even ...

This exercise works well to set your creativity free and to think outside the box. When the exercise is over, consider these other ways to use your dice.

Exercise 1: Chain Story
Give the story a title and roll the dice. Ask one to start by telling a story starting from an optional cube. Continue the turn with the next participant that explains further from a new cube. When all dice are used they are thrown again, so that all participants get a ride. Finally review. For example, 'What surprised you?', 'What did you experience?', 'What opportunities did you see?', 'What solutions began to take shape?'

Exercise 2: Round table
Ask Nick to throw 3 dice and let the motives inspire him to what he wants to tell colleagues. When Nick has had his turn, he gives the dice on to a colleague of his choice.

Exercise 3: Hear what options
After you have discussed an item on your agenda it is time to revies, reflect and wonder. Use the dice. Ask your participants to sit in pairs and give each pair 4 cubes. Use inspiration from the cubes while they tell each other about their reactions to what they have heard. When everyone have spoken together for 8 minutes (4 minutes each way), pairs can tell aloud what was the most important they heard themselves or their partner say.

Exercise 4: What do you like?
Sit with a partner. Use 4 cubes each. Throw your 4 cubes and share 2 dice in pairs. Use the first pair of dice when you answer: 'What do you like to do for others?' Then use the second pair of dice when you answer: 'What do you like others to do for you?'

Exercise 5: Find possible solutions
Use 3 dice. Throw them and define your challenge from dice. Then turn the dice and use the three images on the opposite sides. Now define possible solutions to the challenge.


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