RSVP Design: Training tools with experiences

RSVP is an acronym for Relevant, Simple, Versatile and Practical/Portable. 

Some learning and development needs will always be present when people have to cooperate to achieve their goals. These recurring needs are what RSVP experiential training tools are designed to address. But since every organization is unique, we design our training tools to be versatile and adaptable to the particular circumstances where and when they are used.

The tools are not dependent on expert facilitation. We ensure that anyone who has a little knowledge of the tools will achieve good results, regardless of whether they are a team leader or a development consultant. All tools follow this model - the KOLB learning circle:


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Here is the original and world famous Colourblind ® activity. The task is that the blindfolded participants are asked to describe abstract shapes in their hand to work out as a team which two pieces that is missing in the big puzzle. This requires active listening and questioning as well as problem solving and team management to reach agreement.

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Challenge your teams assumptions with this puzzle: The exercise lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and is an ideal way of raising the awareness of a group of learners about the preconceptions and assumptions we bring into new situations.

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Strong teamwork: Webmaster ® can be used with three small sub-teams or one large team and can be used either indoor or outdoor.

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Fun and serious: 6 multi coloured Coaching Cubes that supports any coaching process from beginning to end. The cubes will ease self-coaching, they will make participants relax into the process, they will promote ownership of the process, they will support peer coaching or coaching skills training, they will get a session moving again and they will make sure you avoid ‘Why don’t you ... ?’ and ‘Yes, but-conversations.'

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'Simbols' is a powerful new learning tool. Simbols addresses communication skills, team planning and implementation, process improvement and team leadership in a lively, although at times frustrating, way. Simbols works well with groups of between 5 and 15 people and lasts 45 minutes.

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Give creativity and talkativeness full throttle: Cartoon picture cards, which all express organizational and business situations, give the start-up, the icebreaker and the rounding-off activity at your meeting and training course an inspiring edge. 

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