Team DIY puzzle exercise: 'Challenging Assumptions' - focus on change management, decision making, innovation, problem solving and resilience

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Challenging Assumptions: Deceptive yet simple puzzle

This deceptively simple and award-winning puzzle challenges assumptions that most people routinely make to improve creative thinking, problem solving and innovation skills. The exercise increases awareness of the advantages and limitations of using past experience when trying to solve new problems.

Watch the film and hear the explanation about the exercise 'Challenging Assumptions' here 

'Challenging Assumptions' examines and challenges the thought patterns of individuals and groups, uncovers assumptions that drive behaviour, and delivers memorable learning for participants at any level. The exercise is often used as a relevant ice-breaker or a challenging 'warm-up' activity for a problem-solving or planning team before tackling 'real-world' problems.

Use the exercise when you want to focus on

Change management
Decision making
Ice breaking
Problem solving

There are four puzzles per set so that a group of up to 16 can work simultaneously in four subgroups.

Group size: 2 - 16
Duration: 10-20 minutes

'Challenging Assumptions' is one of the most popular learning activities developed by RSVP Design. The exercise was awarded 'Best Use of Surprise & Delight in Gamification' and 'Overall Outstanding Usage of Gamification for Learning' at the 2022 Camp Gamicon Throwdown Awards in 2022.


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