Colourblind ® DIY exercise about two-way communication and team understanding

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Colourblind ® - learn good two-way communication and team understanding through active listening and questioning techniques

Content: 20 x reusable blindfolds, 30 x foam molds, Colourblind iPad App with free redemption code, detailed facilitator manual. Package weight: 2 kg. The materials provided enable you to work with the recommended group size of 14 participants, but can be used with up to 28.

Colourblind ® improves the entire team's ability to communicate.

With Colourblind ® you and your team can simulate current and professional communication when it is not possible to use the sense of sight, e-mail, SMS and face-to-face conversation. Only active listening and questioning skills may be used to achieve mutual understanding.

The original Colourblind ® team activity

Participants are blindfolded and now have to describe abstract shapes in their hand to work out as a team which two pieces from a complete set of 30 that have been removed. This requires active listening and questioning skills as well as problem solving and team management to reach consensus.

Whether experienced or inexperienced in the team, everyone can benefit from spending time developing their communication skills - whether that consists of active listening, conveying abstract and difficult concepts to others, or ensuring that the message received is what was intended! All of these are necessary to achieve success both individually and as a team.

Learning Objectives

  • Cooperation
  • Effective communication
  • Knowledge management
  • Listening techniques
  • Problem solving
  • Team building


Follow the link here and see what the Colourblind ® communication exercise looks like 


Colourblind ®
COLOURBLIND ® was developed in 1991 when Geoff Cox was asked to design and deliver the first week of an induction training program for air traffic control cadets. The young people involved came from a number of backgrounds: directly from school or university, from business, from air traffic control in the Norwegian Armed Forces. Each would face an intensive, demanding training program where team communication would be fundamental to success. Each would ultimately accept professional responsibility that leaves absolutely no room for error, misunderstanding, or ambiguity. The exercise provided an opportunity for active exploration and practice of these vital inter-personal communication skills. Since 1991, COLOURBLIND ® has been used worldwide across languages, cultures and business backgrounds to focus on the fundamental skills of good two-way communication and achieving shared meaning. It is also used to explore team problem solving, team understanding of abstract concepts, and to explore team culture.

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