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Break the ice with new movements  

The Energy Break Thumball is designed to give groups the break they need after sitting for long periods. It's perfect to get the blood flowing, re-energize, and re-focus during long sessions! The Thumball provides 32 prompts to get mobile – stretching, dancing, balancing and moving about in playful ways.


  • Explain the goal:  Moving around is an excellent way to stimulate and reinvigorate the brain, as it gets the blood flowing and spreading nutrients throughout the body. In a spirit of transparency, explain these benefits to your group so they understand the goal is to get moving.
  • Invite modifications: Welcome your group to make any alterations to the suggested movements in order to accommodate physical limitations, protect themselves from injury, or even save themselves from embarrassment. Invite them to participate “if they are able.”
  • Go for balance: remind your group to treat both sides equally, repeating movements on their right and left sides.
  • Start playing: Movement can be beneficial at any time during a learning event or meeting, such as: 
    • Energize the group after lunch -- Toss the ball to a recipient and have them read the prompt and demonstrate the movement to the whole group. Encourage all who can to join in for 1 to 3 minutes.
    • Learning review – Pick a movement and relate it to something the group has just learned. Alternatively, toss the ball and have the recipient perform the movement while they think up their answer to a review question. 
    • Break the ice – Have the ball recipient do the movement described the panel, then have others in the group share a moment that the movement reminds them of.

Book a 1 hour workshop
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