Getting Acquainted picture cards for a DIY getting-to-know-one-another exercise

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Get to know each other better in the team

Getting Acquainted: Boxed game with 56 colored cards. Comes with an instruction for six methods of playing. This game is in english.

The purpose of this game is to get acquainted with other people in an unexpected way. Becoming acquainted within a group in a pleasing and inviting manner is very stimulating. Even if you are already acquainted you can use this game to discover new things and get to know each other even better.

Getting Acquainted consists of 56 cards, each with a question and corresponding picture. The pictures are humorous, inviting and stimulating. By matching a question to a picture, you become more involved with the question and your creativity will be stimulated. This enables you to easily find a matching answer to the question at hand.

The questions are divided into six categories:
youth and past
character and interests 
behaviour and daily life
motivation and inspiration
work and career, and 
wishes & future.

You can identify the group by the colour of the dot at the start of the question. By choosing cards from all six categories you can obtain a broader picture of the people you are playing with. Another possibility is to use only a limited amount of groups. 

You may use the game in a variety of situations in order to get to know each other (better) - for example in a group or team, but also in your circle of friends. Other possibilities are to use the game as an energizer, to give each other compliments or to apply it in large groups in the form of a reception.

Peter Gerrickens and Marijke Verstege.


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