Build or rebuild your business model with Business Model Architect ELEMENTS in a DIY workshop

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6 billion models in a box. Which one is yours?

Build a new business model for your new company, your new section, your new product or for your excisting activity. This communication game works well in any company - big or small. Be prepared to meet a new understanding of your company.

Watch this film about your new business model here:

Build your model by choosing one or more cards in each category. 

The alphabet of the business developer
This game is the alphabet of the business developer. It has 151 cards. You will be able to consider a number of options for all the elements of the model when you are looking for

  • a new company
  • a new product, or 
  • adjustment of the model for your existing activity. 

The cards also contain the latest trends, such as 'open innovation', 'gamification', 'freemium', 'crowdfunding', 'multi-sided platforms', etc.

The 151 cards consist of:

7 x Customer value
6 x Positioning
4 x Price level
6 x Circle of experience
5 x Customer
25 x Client relationships
11 x Channels
24 x Ressouces
19 x Activities
8 x Partnering
11 x Income
12 x Price model
9 x Cost

The cards are divided into 13 categories and colors, each representing one dimension of the business model. The orange shades are all about what you want to deliver. The greens are about how you want to sell it. The blue ones are about how you want to make it. The pink shades are all about how you make money on it.

Optional: Business Model Architect BUILDING SITE
If the business model needs to be developed by a team, a Business Model Architect BUILDING SITE can help structure the discussion. The game board also makes it easy to understand the four key roles in a team:

Product development - what can we offer?
Customer development - how can we sell it?
Business Development - How Do We Do It?
Economic development - how do we make money?

With this structured 'game board', where each color of the cards in BMA ELEMENTS has a separate field in matching color, it is intuitive and immediately accessible to start building the business model.

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