Questionmark in foam

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Invite for questions: Allow safe-conduct

Red question mark in foam: Length 9 cm. Width 6 cm. Depth 2 cm.

Many executives fear employees asking indiscreet, curious or confusing questions to the presentation. It has taken several hours for the leader to complete the presentation. And then employees allow themselves to vent so many and difficult discords.

We somehow agree with you. But all this you can plan to avoid. You have a fairly good idea of ​​what employees will show up with. You also know the delimitation. And you know what you should not answer and what you can not answer. The questions that are coming are, in fact, those you have invited. Therefore, you may as well do it with a question mark in foam and invite appropriately.

When an employee asks a question, you answer, for example: It's a very good question. Then you answer. You can vary your answer and say: Good point. Nice comment. Fantastic angle. Creative approach. But acknowledge the author. He sincerely believes and tries to find head and tail in your presentation and tries to gain an overview.

Exercise: Question Time
Give each employee a question mark in foam and ask them to pair up and formulate their best question for the cause, the task or the situation.

Give the couples 5 minutes to formulate a suitable question. When time has elapsed, ask them to try to answer the question themself. What do they think the answer is? Give the pairs 3 minutes for this. When time has elapsed, ask pair number 1 to ask their questions, come up with their suggestions for an answer after which you answer.

You can change a little in the order with pair number 2: your question, your answer and their answer. With pair number 3 you can start with the couple's answer and you should guess the question.

This exercise gives everyone an opportunity to get involved in the case. From now on the cause is no longer just yours. Now it belongs to the team. Enjoy!


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