The Mobile Team Meeting Room

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Do meetings with great pleasure

No matter what subject you wish to talk about you now have a chance to be there in the mobile meeting room that suits your participants.

A gigantic rubber band that gives everyone several outbreaks of spontaneous joy.
The Mobile Team Meeting Room is a dynamic and unconventional meeting room without chairs and tables.
The Mobile Team Meeting Room puts full focus on the case, put up inside the rubber band.

The meeting room where the conversation flows freely
Talk about the topic that is important for the team. Use questions like:

What value does it have that ...?
What we're talking about now can be used when we ...?
The way we learn the most important is by  ...?
What exactly is 'inclusion'? (The word can be replaced with other exciting words)

Measure what I want, when I want
Use The Team Mobile Meeting Room when you need to measure team participants' views. Arrange first the prerequisites are for a good measurement. What can benefit from that measure? What will you use the measurement to? Consider the headline I want to put on your measurement. Designate then two extremes of the measurement, such situated on each side of the moderator. Set the measurement started.

A team exercise: Team Choreography
It's for fun. Ask 4 participants to take up position opposite each other: A against B and C facing D. Move you as far apart as you can get. Now only A and B switch places. Immediately after the exchange C and D space and so it goes choreography. One may be in the elastic 8: AA BB and CC facing opposite DD. In what ways does this system inspiration to our existing systems on the job? What it means to have a system? How can the system be fun?

Surrounded by well-meaning advisors
When you need all colleagues' support, advice, input and feedback, one can stand in the middle without touching Team elastic.

Warning: There is risk of spontaneous outbursts of joy.

Choose between a SMALL or a LARGE Mobile Team Meeting Room:
1 piece lycra tablecloth with detailed instructions
Package dimensions: 30 x 40 x 13 cm.
Weight: 3.9 kg.

Participants 4-16
Participants 6-28
Space requirements: 5 X 5 meters
Themes and objectives: Catch energy at the beginning of a course or after a break. Focus on inclusion, coordination, interdependence, unity, balance, feedback, reflection and change.

Delivery time: Order at least 5 days before use.


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