Address your core mission with the CoreGame - DIY

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May the best IDEA win: Play the Core Game

Bring employee experiences and ideas into play and create reflection and action that makes everyone sharp with the core task.

The Core Game: Target and duration
The Core Game is in danish language and includes 1 gameboard, 8 game pieces, 1 dice, 20 question cards, prepaid cards, pens, scissors and 2 Action Posters, Post-its and a Leaders Guide. The game can be played both in organizations and teams who have a formulated core task or need to work with the core task again. We recommend that 3-6 players attend in a game.

The Core Game is a powerful tool that can be used on your weekly meetings and staff meetings and workshops. The game will strengthen your core task and offer you the opportunity to prepare a plan of action.

The Core Game will turn the core task into a concrete and relevant body for:

Priorities in a busy day.
Common understanding of good service and quality.
Exploitation of resources.
Focus on customers and their needs.
Job satisfaction and pride.

The Core Game is a fun and new way to reverse the problems and opportunities associated with your organization's core mission. The game is based on well known elements from classic board games such as Trivial Pursuit and Ludo. Everyone can participate.

Everyone who has a 'core mission' can play The Core Game
The Core Game can be played in all types of organizations, public and private, when they want a concrete plan to lift its core mission. Whether you are a department head, school principal or director of a private company, The Core Game is the method where you and your staff become more efficient, develop your skills and optimize your time in everyday life.

How the game works
The core game is a very specific game where everyone in the team reflects on and becomes quite practical on the core task.

The game consists of two parts

The first part sets off active and constructive reflection on the various aspects of your organization, such as the core function, service, quality and management. Each player throws the trip dice and answer the questions that the marker reaches. The other participants listen and offer any. in with comments.
In the second part the team will translate the ideas from the first part to a concrete action plan and select the three best ideas. The team gets help from the poster 'Action plan' and set targets to identify specific activities, and set start and end dates of the activity and who is responsible for it.
After one and a half to two hours (3 hours if you are a bigger group) have you and your team got 3 specific activities you must put in the time.

Employees are underway in the core game talked about

• What does the core function specifically?

• What are our strengths and challenges?

• What is the good service for the citizen / customer?

• How can we work more effectively?

• What skills call the core function of?

• What cultural forces core task?

• How can communication and coordination be improved?

• How can management even more support?

The core game is rounded off by identifying the three main activities for improvement and preparation of an action on the enclosed poster.


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