Northgate is the leading designer worldwide of original, interactive and participative (learning by doing) team training games, training activities and business simulations for Trainers. Established in 1979, we have shipped over 30,000 products to over 60 countries so you can rely on Northgate's tried, tested and trusted management training games to support your learning initiatives.

We make it easy for you to put experiential learning into your training courses. Our training materials add interest, increase motivation and significantly improve learning outcomes. 

We save trainers time and effort by giving you creative and memorable training resources that are packed with learning points. Full guidance is provided in the Trainer's Notes for each product on how to run and debrief the training activity (no specialist knowledge required), and each Northgate training activity or business simulation comes with a repeat use licence for a minimum of five years (please see individual product pages for more information) offering excellent value for money.


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One minor slip and it all goes horribly wrong! A short, sharp test of teams’ ability to work together under pressure, with accuracy and good time management. This reality exercise is ideal for boosting and assessing a range of teamwork skills in 30 minutes + debrief. It demonstrates the need for a thought-out process, clear communication and paying attention to detail.

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Lost in the Wilderness! An energiser where teams have to make a plan having crash landed in the Canadian wilderness. This reality exercise is ideal for getting teams to work together quickly. A short starter activity to get team members interacting, solving problems and making decisions under time pressure. This activity is supplied 100% digitally.

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You are locked in a room, the doors are barred and there is no way out. Your task is to find the unique combination that will unlock the doors and set you free. In addition, you must discover who locked you in. There is no electronic link to the outside world so you must construct a tower to boost signals in the hope of calling for rescue should you fail to escape.

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