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The Community Puzzle: A delightful DIY exercise

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Many small puzzle pieces becomes a BIG completion

The Community Puzzle consists of 24 puzzle pieces and an edge of 24 half puzzle pieces. Each of the puzzle pieces consists of a left and a right side and a top and a bottom. The puzzle piece will be included in the BIG overall puzzle. Each participant can use the entire puzzle piece. The white side of the puzzle piece should face outward. The finished puzzle masterpiece measures 50 X 70 cm. 

The Community Puzzle can be expanded in all four directions with additional puzzle pieces. The biggest puzzle we've heard about consisted of 16,000 pieces.

Use The Puzzle Piece on the handout (will be delivered in your mailbox when ordered) as a draft. Use ink, paint, crayon, water colors, clips, effects - as you wish.

Illustrate your company vision, mission, culture, way of working, service-culture, teamspirit or set of values.
Illustrate a trend or a future that you see.
Illustrate how all employees are connected.
Illustrate your group of employees based on their interests, what they are passionate about, what they stand for.
Illustrate your green thinking or your community commitment.
Ask your customers to illustrate your service culture.

The battle plan
Once the theme is chosen and everyones ready with their puzzle piece its time for a game plan. Each participant has one piece. What do we decide about the edge? To what extent do the individual puzzle pieces have to relate to each other? To what extent do the puzzle pieces have to relate to the edge? How much time do we have? We will present the completed masterpiece at X o'clock? Where are we going to present it? Who is the presenter?

When your puzzle masterpeice is completed you give it the final touch. Glue the individual pieces on a cardboard or plywood. Finalize with a UV lacquer, so the finished work does not fade.

Present the completed puzzle
Invite everyone in your company to the presentation. How about a solemn speech, a drink, salted nuts, small talk and a presentation of the individual pieces?

Another idea: This year's Christmas Calendar
Hand out the 24 puzzle pieces to the employees and ask them to decorate a Christmas Calendar with a Christmas theme or one of the other mentioned themes. As the Christmas season progresses the puzzle will grow and eventually be completed.

A final idea: A tribute to the host
Send out your invitations and attach a puzzle piece so that the recipient must decorate as a gift for the host. Puzzle the pieces together during the aperitif and let it be the tribute to the host.


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