Team Coaching Mat for floor or table: DIY coach and acknowledge

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BUILD YOUR TEAM SAFETY: Coaching mat for one focus person and up to 10 helpers

Round shaped mat in 2 sizes (diameter = 60 cm square for table (adhesive) or 150 cm round for floor) with 24 english questions. 'The Team Coaching Mat' is developed and produced by ©


  • One circle with 8 green squares: praise and acknowledgement
  • Next circle with 8 orange squares: Confidentiality - know the person better
  • Third circle with 8 purple squares: Problem solving questions


With Team Coaching Mat, you are more likely to get started helping a colleague, both getting to know her or him better, acknowledging and appreciating her or him and then also helping her or him with a problem area. When the Team Coaching Mat lies there and invites, there is a greater willingness to talk about what may be difficult to talk about. When talking about things (frictions, problems, conflicts, difficulties) they become halved or in any case smaller. And when problems become smaller, they take up less space and there is room for the actual tasks - the work.

It is also nice to know for everyone that the help is near. The Team Coaching Mat is right there. You really just have to step into the middle and call for some colleagues. Then the process begins.

Some questions can be used multiple times with the same focus person. Some questions are not used. And other questions are used only once. 

Premises behind The Team Coaching Mat
The questions you ask determines the answers you get.
A shared problem is a halved problem.
Psychological safety: Say what your mean and mean what you say. 
What you say yourself is what you remember best.

Try it out

Have a 'test drive': Ask for a presentation of 'The Team Coaching Mat' for your team and try out the different questions and half sentences. Some teams are confident with one another while other teams first have to try, practice and become intimate with everyone and the method. Please contact and arrange a 'test drive'.


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