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Talk about democracy in a new way

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Here's a NEW deck of dialogue cards ready for your next democracy meeting. Now you can present your meeting participants with 101 aspects of your society making them ready for dialogue and democracy. 

A big welcome to your new democracy
Your nation is a democracy. This means that the way your country is runned by your elected leaders and the way the citizens are involved - is a dynamic form.

A hope for democracy
The good news is that your democracy has to be created every day. It does not take care of itself. Your country contains a lot of good stuff. And it contains bad elements that must be dealt with. Democracy is a way of running a community, which rooms natural opposites in order to survive. This is the very struggle for the survival of your democracy. And it never ends. You know that you are living in a democracy when you are involved in the creation every day.

Invite groups of people
Use these interactive dialogue-cards when you want your meeting participants to be involved and to discuss the very state of your country. The deck of cards includes more than a hundred different aspects of your society, aspects that have significant importance to the individual and to the future existence of your nation.

Be specific
Each card is interactive which means that the card-holder is allowed to air his og hers experiences and views. Furthermore the card has two graphs, a vertical arrow and a horizontal arrow. The card-holder can assess the topic of the card and is able to be specific in his attempt to explain his view.
Before distributing the cards to your participants explain the idea with these two arrows. It’s like using a scale from 1 to 10. The head of the arrow is 10.

The 5 overall headlines are
Money, and

How to break the ice
Print out all cards with 4 on each A4 sheet. Cut them into 4 cards and you are ready to go. Before you distribute the cards to your participants you might consider sorting away the cards that might be irrelevant to your meeting. Choose one of these methods for your presentation:

Solitaire for 1 person
Game for 2 persons
Game for more than 2 persons
Icebreaker for a small group, and

Icebreaker for a large group
Give each participant one card and invite them to step out on the floor. If you do not have floor space in the meeting room, invite everyone out in the hall or to an outdoor area. Tell them that they are going to have a brief summit - a short conversation – about elements of today’s topic.
Explain that all human activities need a warm up session. For this meeting we are all going to warm up our voices. In a moment everyone will meet one another random for a brief one minute summit. One will begin by reading the text from the card and then complete the sentence according to his own knowledge and belief. He can furthermore illustrate his view with his index finger on the arrows of the card. When both have aired their beliefs they swop cards and continue to the next brief summit. Raise your arm with the new card to show you are ready for a summit.
Now, have a go and let us enjoy the sense of democracy.

Warm-up for democrazy right here
Hugh Laurie directed the film 'Look at the State We're In!: The Status Quo' starring John Cleese above.

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