Puzzle piece in foam

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The gift to the team members: Without you it will never work

The stress squeeze red puzzle piece 7.6 cm long, 6.3 cm wide, 3.4 cm deep.

Give every team member a puzzle piece and tell them, that without her or him the team will not work. Ask all employees to write the three most important things on their puzzle piece what they contribute to the team, to the company or to customer satisfaction. Invite them in pairs to put their puzzle pieces together and talk about what they now see. Now ask them to put all the puzzle pieces together in one long row and ask them to describe what they see now.

Advantages of the jigsaw
The puzzle pieces are not a puzzle in the traditional sense. Nevertheless, a puzzle piece coupled with one or more other puzzle pieces and thus have the same positive effects on those who puttering example, de-stressing effect, lower blood pressure, more patience, better memory, etc. The corresponding conversation about the importance of teamwork, company or customer satisfaction is a definite bonus.


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