Trophy in foam - 6 pieces in different colors

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Focus on success

Pack of 6 Company Foam Trophies in colours purple, orange, green, yellow, red and blue. It's easy to assemble the trophies. It measures 13 cm in height. You can write something permanently on the trophy. Use a trophy to put extra emphasis on what you want to develop. Define the conditions under which a person or a department can win the trophy.

6 proposals for 6 trophies:

The Colleague Trophy
Who reaps the biggest applause? Tell each other great stories about the good teamwork. Finish by giving each story an applause. The people who are involved in the stories and who reaps the biggest applause receives the colleague trophy.

The Friday Trophy
The one colleague that has created cohesion this week. Define 'cohesion' in your team. Anyone can nominate anyone and the one who receives the most votes wins The Friday Trophy.

The Sales Trophy
Who managed to open a new 'door'? Who sold the most? Who has the funniest sales story? Who has had the largest number of sales meetings? Who has battled the most?

The Service Trophy
The best observation made by a colleague. Watch out for good service that your colleagues offer your customers. Share stories and select the best.

The Leader Trophy
'Dear leader. This month you'll get the trophy from employee x and you get it because you ... ' Let it rotates between employees, to spot the good things that the manager is doing in his leadership style.

The Creativity Trophy
What has been the best idea? Write all ideas down and find a way to choose the best idea. Which idea has affected our turnover positively? Which idea made our customers happy? Which idea helps employees the most? Which idea creates joy at work?


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