DIY training: FeedForward with Marshall Goldsmith

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Feedforward is effective management development

FeedForward: DVD 22 minutes with English narration and leaders guide.

Coaching for Your Future

First - what is feedback?
Feedback has many benefits, especially for managers. Feedback tells you what impact you have on the people around you. You can compare feedback with the arrow on a city map that says 'You are here'. You now know where you are, but you do not know where you want to be.

What is feedforward?
Feedforward is presented by Marshall Goldsmith as a complete city map. You get help to get where you want to be in your relationships. This simple yet effective process helps you to choose one behavior at a time that you improve. You follow it up with the help of your closest employees. And then you hold on.

As a manager, you want to develop in relation to the needs of your employees. You ask them to fill out a 360 degree feedback as you know it. Based on this, you choose some points that clearly show what your employees need you to develop. The next step is to convene each individual employee and ask based on these points what this employee needs for you to actually become better at, in the future.

You listen and thank. You relate to what you have heard, translating what is possible into action. After a while, you convene your employees again and ask how, based on what they have experienced after the last interview, that you should develop in the future.

The FeedForward process
is about constantly asking about what is needed, going forward. When you meet elements or expectations that you can not meet, then you should say so and ask the employees to respect it. After this, it is your job to see other opportunities to develop in relation to the needs of the employees. You can also ask your employees to help you with this.

The film FeedForward shows the process
Follow a manager who invites employees to join FeedForward. You follow the leader in her deliberations and are involved in the conversations with the employees.

Feedforward helps you to
Become a more effective leader and listener.
Create the future you want.
Improve your work life and your privacy.


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