DIY training: 'Tactics Of Innovation' with Joel Barker

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Present your idea seen through the eyes of the user

Tactics of Innovation: DVD playing time 22 min. English text and speech. DVD also includes English leaders guide, English workbook and English PowerPoint.

Why is it just that otherwise sensible people reject good ideas?
Only when you manage to present your idea from the user's point of view will you achieve success. In this film, Joel Barker visits the hearths of ideas to illustrate why luminous ideas are rejected.

Tactics of Innovation presents a 10-step tactic on how to break down the barriers between the new ideas and the people who hold a natural resistance to change. This tactic will dramatically increase the acceptance of any idea.

Here are the 10 tactics you can use when presenting your idea to potential users. No guarantee can be issued that any change will be accepted. But by using these tactics, you increase your chances considerably.

1. Upside, Yes
2. Downside, No
3. Seemingly Simple
4. Small Steps
5. Clear Message
6. Compatible Fit
7. Credible Messenger
8. Reliable Performance
9. Easy In
10. Easy Out

A few words along the way from Joel Barker
Our goal with the film Tactics of Innovation has been to introduce an approach that individuals and groups can use to increase the chances of accepting new ideas. The film is based on studies conducted by James Bright and my own adjustments to his results. Together, James and I have been studying the subject for more than 60 years.

New ideas and innovation are one of life's great quirks: We all enjoy the benefits of new ideas (we love our phones and microwaves) and at the same time we resist them. We do this for logical reasons - emotional, cultural and intellectual. The fundamental reason why we reject change is that it disturbs the delicate balance between new and old - a balance we struggle to maintain at work and in private life.

This resistance, no matter how logical, can be softened. Tactics of Innovation offers a strong approach that anyone can use. By incorporating the tactics into your specific situation - convincing a new company structure, presenting a new candidate or a life-saving invention - the obstacles between your idea and the potential users of the idea can be removed. The idea is closer to acceptance.

As always, I wish you all the best for you and your future.
Joel Barker


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