DIY training: FISH! for Leaders: Who Are You Being?

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Leader, who are you?

FISH! for Leaders Who Are You Being ?: Time 7 min. Instructor Guide, power point and the study can be downloaded via the link provided. All materials are in English. In addition, the included booklet FISH! for Live Leaders (31 Danish pages) provided in pdf file so you can print the desired number.

The very best leaders are at all times aware of who they ARE. They know what they stand for. They know how they want to treat other people and how they respond to challenges. This commitment guides them from one moment to the next the opposite, that they let themselves be influenced by what is happening around them in the form of temporary ups and downs.

FISH! for Leaders Who Are You Being? shows how you're with a stronger intention and consequence.

FISH! for Leaders Who Are You Being? especially suited for:

• To define clearly who you want to be as a leader
• Bringing your behavior consistent with your intentions
• To ask for coaching when your actions are consistent with who you say you want to be and when they are not.

When you're focused on who you are, it will affect what you do. The employees see that your actions match your words. You will walk with more influence and greater perfection.

The 6 sections of FISH! for Leaders series are:
• It Starts With Me
• Be There
• Play
• Make Their Day
• Choose Your Attitude
• Who Are You Being?

The trademark FISH! is a registered trademark belonging to Chart House International Learning Corporation.


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