FISH! the Guide - for the leader, the trainer, the facilitator

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FISH! is ancient wisdom

Enjoy the guide with 88 pages in a spiral binding. Prepare yourself with this book before you need to start inviting your colleagues to the funniest trip I can take off on together: 'We spend an average of more than 70% of our waking lives at work. Therefore, we must create a workplace that is so amazing that we ourselves enjoy coming here every day. We must define what is great for us. '

FISH! is about real people
FISH! is not the result of many years of psychological studies or a concentrate of a large market. Like many of life's best messages, so popped FISH! just show up.

FISH! is a way to live life
FISH! is a set of simple but coherent principles that anyone can connect to their lives and jobs. No one else can live out these principles for you. When you choose to make these principles part of your life, no matter what is going on around you now or on your life's journey, you'll notice a positive difference in your relationships with others and within yourself.

FISH! is ancient wisdom
FISH! reminds us all that we often forget when we are busy, stressed or busy ourselves. FISH! behavior often starts with one person and attracts as some others. When a community of people committed together, the effect is particularly strong, as 'quality of life' on the job increases.

a development that can be ordered. It is not a method to force others. It is not a patch, which hides problems that lack of trust or responsibility. FISH! is not a substitute for strategy, tactics, experience, continuous learning or good old fashioned elbow grease. FISH! is not a guarantee against cyclical fluctuations, work stoppages and other fact of life as a result of a rapidly changing global economy. FISH! is not a magic pill. It does not happen over night.

With FISH! we ask you not to follow some techniques in a specific order
All companies, all people are different. Everyone finds his special way to bring the FISH! into their lives. Thanks to all those who have created their own FISH! culture. We can share stories about what works - and what does not work.


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