Emergency: The ACUTE Presenter

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+45 71 92 55 63

Call +45 71 92 55 63 and order an emergency presenter

The unthinkable can and will happen. He or she who had to stand up at your event is hindered. What do you do? Call immediately +45 71 92 55 63 and book your rescue 'savior'. The above price is based on a 90 minute presentation.

You have been let down
It is extremely rare. But illness, accidents and double bookings occur. Well, you have been let down. If you will settle for the 'second best', you can order a seasoned presenter that can capture the situation and devise a plan. Your topic is:

Leadership Development
Meeting Management
Get to know each other
Find potential - fang energy
Strategic Motivation

The first aid bag is ready
The bag with tools is ready. 

Travel time should be expected
We do not know for sure where we are, when you call. Therefore, you must expect some travel time.

Book us for a meeting
Let's meet, so we can talk us into the task.

About our methods
Basically, we use learning style transitions AI (Appreciative Inquiry) and Active Learning, which focuses on the possibilities, the future. We also believe that everyone should be involved in the processes. That everyone should try the items and that everyone has a voice. The brain must always be involved no doubt, but we want the body to join in, because our words and what we believe will be more clearly to ourselves and others. This does not mean that we deliver a workshop-day filled with body exercises, but we often vary between participants locations and ways to talk.


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