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Get to know your company values better

Two Exercises in One: Use these exercises when everyone in the team needs to become clear on values. Once everyone has understood the values, they will also be able to use them in practice. For example, the value 'Honesty' can lead to the norm 'Tell the truth'. Then you are never in doubt when you suddenly want to lie a little. The norm of behavior is very clear: Tell the truth.

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'How to clarify your team values' consists of 2 parts:

'Brief Encounters: 56 cards with 2 questions on each card.

'Conversation boards that 'google' your brains': 60 questions divided into 10 conversation boards.

You can choose to use 1 part only. You can also choose to use the 2 parts together. In this way, 'Brief Encounters' becomes a warm up prior to the 'Conversation Plate' section.

A value that is part of the company's values ​​must be understood by everyone and can be used by everyone when they are in a situation or in a relationship. This is when the value, manifested in a behavioral norm, has to be taken into use by an employee. The value unfolds and can be used in practice.

Value words are words such as "We must be brave". "We want to be service minded". "Our value is Respect". “We use our potential”. These are words that describe who you are and what you do in your workplace.

Have a great time examining your values.


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