DIY: Team Pack with 4 decks of dialogue cards including 160 questions and a review-rope

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Activate your team in the pursuit of World Class

160 questions, several methods and a rope for reviewing and evaluating your topic.

Order either English version or Danish version.

Try to imagine that you have to talk about the team's job satisfaction. Then you select in advance the questions you find relevant. It can be change issues, team issues, job satisfaction issues and management issues.

Mix the questions thoroughly and distribute 1 of each to each participant. Now it is up to each individual participant to investigate what others in the group think about the questions and collect interesting and new and clever angles.

Listen and talk with powerful questions about recognition, leadership, collaboration, growth, development. There is almost no subject that these cards cover.


The first method: Brief encounters

Invite all your participants to hit the floor or the grass. Distribute 1 random card to each participant and ask them to meet in pairs where the first one asks the question to the other (who answers) then the other asks the question to the first (who answers). After this, they swop their cards and may now find a new partner where the method is repeated. Ask them to raise their arm with the question in the air when they are available for new partners. After approx. 7 rounds you might hear the speech flow drops a bit and you can stop the exercise and review what’s been said. Make a note of the 10 most important things what was heard during the exercise.


The second method: Two against one

Invite all your participants to hit the floor or the grass. Ask them to get together in trios with roughly the same types of shoes. Distribute 3 random cards to each trio and explain that the two will now interview the third. The two choose which questions to ask and in which order. The third must answer to the best of his or her ability. The two who ask must pay close attention to the answers. The answers must definitely be used after the exercise. The meeting leader collects the answers after 10 minutes.


The third method: All in all

Invite all your participants to hit the floor or the grass. Distribute 1 random question card to each and ask them to ask the question out loud to the rest of the group, who refine, twist, turn, amplify the question and send it back to the questioner, who is now allowed to answer in 3 different ways. The answers are collected by the leader or facilitator and must be used constructively afterwards.


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