'Diversity' Thumball

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Catch the ball, lift your thumb and start talking

Thumball is loaded with 32 prompts to get the conversation rolling and foster discussion about topics meaningful to your group. Decide which Thumball is right for you! After all, close work friendships can boost employee satisfaction 50% (Gallup - State of the American Workplace)

Look under your thumb and share! Diversity Thumball is a playful tool for serious discussions.

We live in a diverse world. Some differences are visible, like skin color, gender, height or weight, physical challenges and age. Others may not be visually apparent, but still affect how individuals feel or are treated: ethnicity, socio-economic position, sexual orientation, virginity, use or non-use of alcohol, allergies, intellect, depression and other emotional diseases.

The Diversity Thumball tackles a difficult topic with smarts and sensitivity. Thumball™ is a soft 6" stuffed vinyl ball that looks like a cool soccer ball and has 32 panels pre-printed with questions suited for adults and teens. Safely toss it around in a group and ask participants to share their reaction to whatever prompt lies under their thumb.

Book a 1 hour workshop
When you need to try out tools focusing on dialogue (Thumball, picture cards, dialogue cards, coaching carpet) with your team, do not hesitate to call and order a one hour workshop with Michael Meinhardt. He will guide you all through different methods and tools and involve everybode in weeks to come. Workshop price is DKK 2.500 plus travelling expences.


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