Download now and DIY exercise: Round TABLE: A Development Fairytale

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Round the table with six adventures

Download: 'A Development Fairytale': Add this 'product' into your cart and purchase it in the normal way. You will automatically receive a link to a pdf in your mail box, ready to print. You will receive both a Danish and an English version.

The adventure where your entire team is engaged and involved
The 10 lines of this adventure are half, so you may turn the story where you want to. Finally, you will discover something that you can celebrate.

One method: The adventure for pairs
Hand out a copy to every participant at your departmental meeting. Ask your participants to sit in pairs and to complete the adventure. Ask them to focus on your teamwork, the results you've achieved this year, your creativity, your well-being. Listen to all stories - one with each item on your agenda. Finally tell each other what you have discovered.

Another method: Adventure for one
As the leader of your weekly departmental you know which subjects you have to go through at your meeting. After each item hand out the adventure to one single participant and ask her or him to read out loud the adventure related to the iteam on the agenda. End each 'adventure' by telling each other what you have discovered.

A third method: Adventure for everyone at the table
Take care of one line each. You start. Pass on the hand out. Make it spontaneous and non-hazardous. You may take time to think before you open your mouth. It's OK to say something you do not usually say aloud at the meeting table.

Enjoy your adventure and your future.


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