Workshop: Testdrive with 4 cool team tools

DKK 12.975,00  Excl. VAT

Book a 1 hour workshop full of active involvement

Try tools with a focus on dialogue (Thumball, picture cards, dialogue cards, coaching carpet) with your team. Book a 1 hour long workshop with Michael Meinhardt. He will guide you and your team through various methods and tools and involve everyone for weeks to come. Workshop price is DKK 2,500 plus travel expenses.

A tool must be tested before a leader or teacher can achieve a valuable benefit. Some tools are lighter than others

  • to invite to
  • to introduce
  • to present
  • to involve in
  • to let the participants use
  • to facilitate and collect and round off.

Therefore, you are invited to try 4 cool team tools in 60 minutes - either in your team or in your management team. The focus is on achieving a valueable dialogue with the tools Thumball (icebreaker ball), picture cards (Dialoogle), dialogue cards (Icebreaker) and The Team Coaching Carpet.

The test drive with the 4 tools will be combined with different methods.

The price for this 60 minute workshop is excl. transportation and travel expences.


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DKK 12.975,00  Excl. VAT
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