Kick Off Day: Values, that works

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Kick Off: Values, that works

To be a value based company is a choice. Ask for our help. The process is both inspiring, fun and effective. First, let us illustrate something about values, about our approaches and some of your benefits:

What is a value?
A value is defined as a principle, a philosophy or a beacon that guides our thoughts, decisions and actions. A value is really a choice. You acknowledge certain types of behavior more than the behavior you would have otherwise chosen randomly. These moment choices determines how good you are to reach your long term goals. If you need to reach a vision or a mission, you must first assure you that you live your values. Every employee and every team has values, whether they are formulated or not. Your behavior shows your true values. If you do not identify and focus on what you want that guides you, behavior pops up sporadic, out of how your day has shaped itself. The effective approach is to identify the values ​​that help you to meet your goals and then make them a part of everything you do.

We use these assumptions
proclaim IT
Live IT
Celebrate IT

Your behavior exhibit your real values
What is your purpose? What values ​​will help you to fulfill that purpose? Every company wants to succeed. Success is, however, a result that is not an object. What is your company doing for other people? The purpose incites you to value ​​what helps you to achieve it. For example an auto dealership focused solely on profit. Basically the purpose was to get as much money as possible out of the customers. This led unmistakably to the values ​​of pressure and confrontation. The contact with customers was a war. The values ​​delivered profit, but customers turned against them. It all burned out employees. Then came a change. The auto dealer got a new owner who changed the company aims to customer satisfaction. This led to the values ​​welcoming, attentive and flexible. Staff focused on what they could give. Profits and market share increased.

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We suggest that we meet first. Let us balance expectations and clarify your needs and wishes. Prices quoted are indicative of group size from 5 to 50 and does not include materials. Contact us, call by phone +45 71 92 55 63 or via CONTACT.


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