Have a Nice Day Toolbox

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Have a nice day

Have a nice day! toolbox with 220 pcs. activities in format 20 X 20 cm.

The toolbox contains tools that in a simple and effective way helps to increase job satisfaction in your team. Through exercises, games and dialogue your participants will go through through a process that helps to achieve:

• Increased job satisfaction
• Increased creativity
• Improved readiness for change
• Higher efficiency
• Better communication
• Greater commitment and motivation
• Less sick leave

The 'Have a nice day' toolbox contains:

10 pcs. Welcome Folder with a process description
10 pcs. Future Development Cards 
10 pcs. Questionnaires - ME
30 pcs. Questionnaires - YOU
10 pcs. Questionnaires - WE
10 pcs. Potential charts 
10 pcs. Analysis charts
10 pcs. My clients and success
10 pcs. The black fish
10 pcs. Circle dialogue
10 pcs. Ideas for 'Have a nice day'
10 pcs. Goals and success
10 pcs. Result Plans
10 pcs. Good morning! cards laminated
10 pcs. Teasing leaflets
10 pcs. Reminder fish
30 pcs. Mini posters with quotes

Stop and take a look
It is a deep human need that we on our journey through life need to stop every now and then to assess and compare the plans we had for the future.

Did we choose the direction we wanted to go?
Did we go as far as we wanted to go?
If not, how far did we go, then?
And how are we going to plot a course for the future?

The toolbox is developed in collaboration with John Bern & Co. and is inspired by the FISH! philosophy and the FISH! materials.


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