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Do brief FISH! encounters

This download will be delivered with a link in your mailbox. We will not charge you delivery-charges on the invoice. Pdf file with 61 sheets each containing 2 questions, in total 122 questions. You will receive an english and a danish version.

Here’s a way to engage and involve your colleagues, employees or participants. Use this exercise as a starter or an icebreaker. Everyone needs to warm up. This exercise will warm up the voices and the choice of words. At the beginning your colleagues will be a little slow. After a few minutes everyone will be boosted with energy.

Please enter the floor
Ask everyone to enter the floor. Give one card to each participant. Ask them to pair up and choose one of the two questions on the card asking it out loud to the partner. Now the interviewer listens to the 45 second answer. Then it’s the partners turn to choose a question, ask and listen. When both have had their turn they swop cards and go for a new brief encounter, waving their cards in the air. In this way most people will meet most other people in the shortest amount of time.

When everyone has talked to 5 to 7 different partners you give a signal to stop the meetings. Ask the group: 

What did you notice about these questions?
What else did you notice about these questions?
Describe the body language with your partner when answering?
How did your partner react generally?
What do you remember the most: Your own answers or the answers from your partner?

As a facilitator you decide how many questions to bring up and for how long the discussion should continue. Finally you can bring this conclusion:

The question you forward determines the answers you get.

Ask the group: What is right and wrong about this conclusion?

We wish you many valuable encounters with brief FISH! encounters.


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