These tools are in english language only. They are well suited for english language teaching as well as culture training. The FISH! For Schools Complete Pack provides the tools you need to build a great school culture, so you can inspire great learning.

We worked closely with educators to combine educational best practices with research on classroom management to help you apply the FISH! Philosophy to your school. These tools will re-energize your staff, improve classroom management, and strengthen your character education and positive behavior support programs.

The pack starts with FISH!

The most-watched training video of all time. FISH! ignites your staff’s passion, and helps them find ways to support each other through the challenges and joys of a typical school year.

Next is the Guided Journey

A professional development course that helps build strong relationships among staff and students. It gives staff a common language and approach. Students and parents receive the same positive experience whether they interact with the principal, teachers or support staff.

The Classroom Experience

Bring The FISH! Philosophy into the classroom. It helps students to work with you to create a more respectful, focused and fun classroom. When students experience how good it feels to care about each other, bullying and behavioral problems decline, giving you more time to teach.

Many schools use

The FISH! Philosophy as the foundation of their character education or positive behavior programs. It helps students build social skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Finally, you’ll receive a copy of the Schools of FISH! book. It’s packed with inspiring stories about educators who have used The FISH! Philosophy to improve their students’ lives and create remarkable schools.