Internal development: Create your own FISH! culture

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Process: Create the culture your want

Together we define your culture and describe your desired culture. Then we have a starting point and can make a plan for the cultural shift. We can start with workshops, coaching, e-learning and courses. Once we are well under way with the shift, we can begin to measure and follow the state of culture day by day.

The big challenge for any organization is how to make your new organizational philosophy come to life. The heart of our transformational process includes:

  • INSPIRATION. Some call it “vision.” We believe it’s about “Inspiration.” There’s no forcing inspiration on people. While it has to be supported by management, real inspiration has to have its roots in its community.

  • CONVERSATION. When people stay in conversation about what’s possible, new attitudes develop, behavior changes, trust increases, performance improves and customers notice!

  • RELATIONSHIPS. When relationships galvanize, strong local ownership emerges and everyone on the team begins to support one another more genuinely. People realize that “we’re all in this together” and start rowing in the same direction.

  • ENGAGEMENT. Alive and engaged employees, passionate about the work they’re doing, are very contagious! Once people are clear and inspired about the big picture, they’ll find ways to connect with it and become purpose-driven vs. time-clock-driven.

  • AUTHENTICITY. When the vision is recited, it has to ring true for everyone in the organization: inside and out, top down and bottom up. Because at the end of the day, if it’s not real, customers will see right through it.


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