DIY training: FISH! for Leaders: It Starts With Me

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Boss, it starts with you

FISH! for Leaders It Starts With Me: 9 min. Leaders Guide, power points and the test can be downloaded via the link provided. All materials are in English. In addition, the included booklet FISH! for Leaders (31 Danish pages) provided in pdf file so you can print the number you need.

Your main management tool is not power, achievements, experience or charisma. You are the example.
As a leader, you set the tone for your employees. They look in your direction to mimic the behavior that creates a sound and effective culture. And because employees look in your direction, your first task is to look inward. 'In order to change a company, you have to start with yourself', says Rob Gregory, owner of Rochester Ford Toyota. 'As I have worked on myself I discover that my impact on employees is greater than if I tried to influence them.'

FISH! for Leaders It Starts With Me awakens the self-awareness that leaders need. Whatever you want to achieve, then you are reminded that you will have to be the change yourself first.

FISH! for Leaders It Starts With Me is suitable for:
• Introduction courses for managers
• Change Initiatives that requires a high level of trust and communication
• To recall about personal accountability.

The 6 sections of FISH! for Leaders series are:
• It Starts With Me
• Be There
• Play
• Make Their Day
• Choose Your Attitude
• Who Are You Being?

The trademark FISH! is a registered trademark belonging to Chart House International Learning Corporation.


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