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How about 1 or 30 billion different FISH! workshops?

This sounds a bit corny - like another cheap internet idea. But this one is OK. You will receive a pdf in your mail-box.

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If you have access to the FISH! film, this cookbook contains proven ways to present it to your team.

Use one or more of these 30 billion+ workshops if you wish:

  • A new culture in quite a short time.
  • Passion: How everyone throws themselves into their job.
  • A new set of values: My job. Your job. Our job.
  • Everyone to be there for your clients.
  • A new ‘lets help each other’ spirit.
  • To highlight why your team exists.
  • To introduce PLAY in your culture.
  • To introduce a new MAKE MONEY and HAVE FUN culture 50:50.
  • To teach leaders to see, that happy employees are valuable employees.
  • To introduce everyone to each other to get to know each other better.
  • How you show up at work and in life.

Combine the ingredients from this cookbook in the order you prefer and succeed every time you present FISH! to a group.

The Infinite FISH! Workshop Cookbook design by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.


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