DIY training: FISH! film plus FISH! STICKS film PACK Offer

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Get started and keep life in the vision

Order world famous FISH! and FISH! STICKS. Now you can enjoy the full package with your team and all your practices.

The content of this package is
The FISH! film including the FISH! Leaders Guide
The FISH! STICKS film including the FISH! STICKS Leaders Guide

Get started with your version of FISH!
The original FISH! film shows the fish market in action and introduces the four principles. The FISH! Guide contains the stories and the exercises that will help you presenting FISH! to your team.

Keep your vision alive
FISH! STICKS shows you how the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish has created a vision that everyone are engaged in. They also explain how they invite new employees to the vision. And how the individual finds his own place in the vision. The Leaders Guide will help you in the process of getting everyone to take part in your vision.


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