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FISH! alive in leaders

Booklet 31 pages. Can be delivered in both DANISH and ENGLISH. How to lead more effectively through the power of your relationships? This booklet should be used with Leader Fish! films only. 

Management through relationships
The renowned psychologist Carl Rogers once thought that it was his job to fix other people. He writes that he mainly thought: 'How can I improve or change this person?' His best intentions notwithstanding they never succeeded.

Efforts that do not bear fruit
He realized slowly that with his education, his recognized techniques and his ability to tell other people how to live their lives more fulfilling stayed fruitless. In between, however, he saw a change, but it was only for a short time.

A new approach - THANKS
Rogers chose a new approach. Rather than trying to model his clients towards what he wanted them to be, he focused on how he was to them. When clients saw that he cared about them, they discovered their own abilities to innovate within themselves, and realised their own maturation and development.

It's all about relationships
Finally, Rogers asked him self a different question. Instead of asking, 'How can I change this person?' he then asked: 'How can I create a relationship which this person can use to help their own development?'

The heart of leadership
Rogers experience speaks to the heart of management. The effective leader asks: 'How can I develop my relationships with others, that will give them the courage to develop their confidence, their dedication, their skills and abilities to make sense?'

FISH! ALIVE IN LEADERS will inspire you to develop the skills that can create these productive relationships through the wisdom that lies in the FISH! Philosophy.

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