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When the leader will flourish all year round

Here's a quick insight to a new motivation model. The model consists of 7 steps and does not include external motivation such as money, free car, large office, fruit basket or pension. The model contains only inner motivation such as desire, faith, will and appreciation.

Follow the 7 steps of this new model and see how the entire team engages. In four days you can learn the model from which you can motivate your entire team. Skip all other, long and theoretical explanations of leadership and motivation. Because here comes the model that all leaders can learn to use.

Models are valuable

A model is good to have. It is time-saving because it contains a sensible order that someone has thought about and researched and tested. And for users of the model, it is good to remember it all and not overlook important points. Users can choose to learn the model and what lies behind it and what supports it, follow it, weight the model's steps and be able to adjust it and also understand how to make the headlines happen. The model's 7 steps are:

1. The leader invites and greets everyone.

2. The leader gathers and synchronizes the group.

3. The leader delivers a pep talk to the group.

4. The manager offers safe-conduct so everyone understands the matter.

5. The manager makes sure that everyone formulates the 'help'.

6. The leader ensures that everyone values ​​everyone.

7. Finally, the leader rounds up so everyone have a wish to continue.

"A leader is one who follows you to places you would not have come to alone." J. Barker

The model above we have called The MOVING YOU MODEL. It must be understood and used just like the model for how you patch a bicycle hose, for example. This completely different model can be read in its entirety at Cykelpartner.dk

1. Unscrew the valve.

2. Remove the tire with a tire iron.

3. Put the valve on the hose again and inflate a little.

4. Lap the hose.

5. Refit the hose.

6. Refit the tire.

7. Pump the tire up again.

If you want to ensure that your wheel is patched and tight and that you can drive safely on, it is important that you remember all the steps and complete each step before embarking on the next one.


This is also the case with The MOVING YOU MODEL. If you want to motivate your entire team to engage in a cause, task or situation, it is crucial that you follow the model and remember all 7 steps. If you skip one step you will fail. If you skate over one step you will fail. If you take a step too lightly you will fail.

"Motivating employees is a constant task that can never be erased from the to-do list." Helle Bruun Madsen, The Leaders

Thus, it also becomes easier to spot where the motivation is going wrong. As a leader, you can immediately designate the site and the step. And if you motivate at random, you are in the process of demotivating your team. When you follow the model, the motivation will be according to your plan. We call what happens Strategic Motivation.

The model will save you a lot of time and wasted effort. The motivation model is new, but has been tried, tested and used over the past 15 years. My colleague Mette Berner and I have followed the model in all the years we have presented FISH! for teams, both in Denmark and abroad.

"Good leadership is being able to convince ordinary people that they are capable of achieving exceptional results." J. D. Rockefeller

The sweet Christmas time

The motivational model can be directly compared to this Christmas Eve metaphor. Your guests have been looking forward to attending. You receive them at the door, wish them a Merry Christmas and mention their name, shake their hands or give them a hug. The house is filled with Christmas scents, the table is set, the presents are in place and the roast is in the oven. Everyone gets the belief that it will be a wonderful evening. Along the way, everyone helps to get the food on the table and everyone gets something on the plates. You help each other around the tree and sing the difficult songs that you have forgotten again. At the end of the evening, thank you very much for the attention and the good conversations that the evening has offered. Everything is so beautiful and you feel like celebrating Christmas with each other again.

The effect of such a Christmas Eve is identical to the effect of the Motivation Model when a plan is in place. All motivation can take place as part of the manager's plan, which in turn can take place as part of the company's overall motivation plan. We have chosen to call a series of considerations and plans for the motivation of all employees Strategic Motivation.

“As a leader, you are contagious. The question is: Will the employees seize what you have? ” Rob Gregory, Rochester Ford
Our motivation course

In our company, we are 2 consultants who have stubbornly and persistently been willing to create a practical model for the manager's motivation of all employees at once, when they were together. We have not designed a model for motivating individuals. Nor have we designed a model for motivating subgroups or particularly lucky ones. We have developed a model for the motivation of the whole group of employees simultaneously.

Our course for leaders in motivation

The course lasts four days. Three total days and 1 follow-up day. We have designed all four days, so it is the individual leader who chooses his way of bringing the motivation to life. Some explanations are included. Some exercises are included. Dialogue is included. Discovery is included. All this we know works. Yes, we know it works really well.

"The more energy you give your employees, the better everyone performs." Harvard Business Review
Your employees want to be motivated

We know that our motivation model will help you in your motivation work to engage your entire group of employees. And your employees will recognize you for your efforts.

Written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.


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