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The most adventurous way to end your meeting

Download 'The valuable way to end a meeting': Add product to your basket and purchase it in normal way. You will then automatically receive a pdf in your mailbox, ready to print. Print and cut out the 12 stories separately. Print as many as you need so participants will have one each.

Your meeting is about to end. But first it is time for reviewing:

A new way
This product contains 12 small stories that are not completely finished. It is up to each participant to complete the story. Each story is centered around the benefits they each got out of the meeting. 

Idea 1: Roundtable
Listen to all the stories one at a time. Make this exercise as spontaneous as possible. Ask participants to prepare for 2 minutes.

Idea 2: Stand up. Walk around.
Ask everyone to enter the floor with their handouts. Approach a colleague and share your story. When you are both finished, swop the handouts and approach a new colleague. Repeat again. Continue 5 to 7 times. 

Idea 3: Our story
Sit in small groups, with an adequate number of handouts. Complete in turn the stories. Finalize with one who reads your story aloud. Agree how to read it up. For example like a poem, a fairytale or a news story.


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