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Unwaveringly confident in an annoying way

When another person claims something that sounds like it has been passed by law, it is called 'steepness', 'stubbornness' and 'unshakably safety'. Very few people enjoy encountering unshakably safety. In fact, I would argue (with some steepness) that one can respond to skew, stubbornness and steepness in 3 ways:

  1. You can go with it (accept it and agree to it).
  2. You can go against it (- with an equally steep assertion).
  3. You can escape from it (to avoid more steepness).

Sometimes the oblique safety can be comical. Then it's okay to laugh at it for example:

I saw an episode of The Castle the other day. Clint Eastwood played a minor role. You may not have noticed, but it's so true.


In fact, we are driving wrong into a roundabout. We should drive the other way in to do it right.

None of these examples are seriously dangerous or catastrophic. They are just verbal claims, which are unshakably safe and which are also a bit annoying - depending on the strength they are served with.

It gets a little worse when a clever 'friend' from the car's passenger seat claims that we have to turn left and then right to get to Berlin. A few minutes later we are on a dead end road with our backs to our destination. Claimable men who states to know the way can be quite annoying and time consuming.

And then there is the far more serious claimability. The one that is about invading another country and destroying everything he encounter along the way. Most of the outside world has gone against this claimable guy with sanctions, weapons, money and emergency aid. We all spend an incredible amount of time on this one man's claimability. We are fleeing the cities. Our families are divided. We freeze and have to do without food.

Some people suggest negotiation and conversation. Others make plans to stop purchasing oil and gas from him. The trade closes or ends on a low flame.

We are in the process of going against his claimabilty with equally claimabilty and unshakable certainties.

Does anyone know the result of meeting claimability with claimability?

Oh yes. We are at full speed on the way up the conflict ladder:

From the steepness to the inconsistency.
Disagreement over whose fault it is.
The problem is growing.
Conversation is abandoned.
Enemy images occur.
Open hostility.
No contact.

(The conflict ladder is borrowed from the Center for Conflict Resolution).

And yes. Claimability can be the cause of awkward situations and relationships. But Google it as fast as you can.

The article is written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.


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