Download DIY exercise: The Relationship Game

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How well do you know those you thought you knew?

Enter the name of someone you know. Give your bid for an answer and justify the answer. The answers will not necessarily be a 100% correct. They should be seen as an ‘interesting’ answer. Subsequently, the answers can lead to dialogue. 61 questions. Delivered as a pdf, so you can save the file yourself and print as needed. Shipping is not calculated for this item.

The game is about saying something about your experience / perception of those you know. Through your answers you will get to know the person better. When you play the game with someone you know, your relationship will develop based on your experience of each other. In several ways, it develops positively to hear others' opinions about oneself and about those one cares about.

As a leader, the game can create a greater desire among employees to work together. A better will to help each other. More clarity on how you can best recognize each other.

You become better at helping and understanding each other.

It becomes easier to talk together and resolve conflicts.

It becomes clearer how you can best support each other.

The game can be used about
Colleagues, friends, boyfriends, spouses, schoolmates,
parents, children and other family members.
It can be used with those who are present.
It can also be used about someone who is not present.

Print the pages with 4 on each side and cut them out, one by one.

Playing methods
Agree if you choose to answer within the framework of work life or private life.
Talk about why you want to play the game. What is the purpose?
Draw one random card at a time.
Choose 5 cards yourself.
Give each participant 7 random cards.
Choose whether everyone should answer from the same card.
Insert ‘I’ where there is a ___.
• Enter the name of someone who is present.
• Enter the name of someone who is not present.
Answer as a group to another group.
• How does ‘WE’ think ‘DE’…?

Rounding methods for each card
On a scale of 1-10, how true does ___ THINK the answer is?
On a scale of 1-10, how interesting was the answer? Why?
What do others want to answer based on the same card?
Should we agree on what we want to use the answers for?

The cards can be divided into different answer piles.
Very true. Nearly correct. Do not track properly.

The icebreaker version
Use the included questions to warm up. Then you will be more prepared for the 'right' questions. Also use the warm up to adjust how you want to proceed according to the playing methods.



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