2 FISH! books with a cute bookmark

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Build A Better Team with The FISH! Philosophy

The books FISH! and FISH! STICKS in english. They are followed by a real toyfish.

The FISH! Philosophy is a fresh training solution. It builds the relationships that are foundational to team and individual success. Organizations around the world use The FISH! Philosophy to strengthen trust and accountability, deliver outstanding customer service and improve employee retention. It helps you build a culture where people choose to bring their best to work.



According to Gallup, 70 percent of Americans are not engaged in their work. Enthusiasm is one of the main differences between a great organization and a mediocre one. The FISH! Philosophy unlocks the natural energy and passion that is already inside each person, leading to sustained commitment.


Research shows one of the main factors that distinguishes high-performing teams is how its members treat each other. The FISH! Philosophy helps you build trust by being there for people who need you. It meets the human needs that drive organizational excellence.

Employee Retention

People are more likely to stay with a job if they have good relationships and feel valued.

The FISH! Philosophy gives coworkers simple ways to support and recognize each other. Organizations that use The FISH! Philosophy regularly report increased retention.

Customer Service

Customers love being served by people who love what they do. The FISH! Philosophy helps you “wow” customers by serving their needs in a way that’s distinctive and authentic, not detached and robotic. It helps you recognize new opportunities to delight your customers.


As a leader, your most powerful influence is your example. The FISH! Philosophy helps leaders become more aware of their impact and strengthen relationships. When leaders live The FISH! Philosophy, it inspires staff to contribute their enthusiasm, skill and creativity.


Dealing with organizational change is even more difficult when trust between staff and management is weak. When leaders use The FISH! Philosophy to strengthen relationships and communication, employees gain the confidence needed to adapt and contribute productively to change.


Every organization needs fresh insights to prosper. Often the best ideas come from employees, but sometimes fear stomps out creative thoughts before they have a chance to be heard. People shut down, leaving much of their enthusiasm and talents at home. The FISH! Philosophy creates a culture where it is safe to “play” with ideas to improve the business and have fun doing it.


Attitude is a key element in success. But lecturing people about attitude just puts them on the defensive. The FISH! Philosophy helps people realize, in a way that other training doesn’t, that we have the power to “choose” our attitudes. That self-awareness builds the most reliable accountability—the kind that comes from within.


Prospective employees of all ages want to work where they feel “human”, where they can see their efforts make a positive difference and have fun doing it. A FISH! Philosophy culture attracts people who are excited to bring all of themselves and their talents to work. That’s what you are looking for too.

Personal Development

More companies are offering training in skills that benefit the organization, but extend beyond the workplace. The FISH! Philosophy is a set of skills you can use for a lifetime. You can take it with you wherever you go—in any job, situation or relationship. The FISH! Philosophy helps you be more successful, no matter where you are in your life.

Vision, Mission and Values

Too many vision and mission statements just live on the wall. The FISH! Philosophy is a practical way to live out your organization’s guiding principles. The four practices complement any vision, mission or values. They help everyone focus on who they are “being” while they work to achieve the organization’s goals.


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