DIY icebreaker with WE ENGAGE CARDS for engagement and authentic conversations with 56 cards containing quotes and images

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Durable deck of cards with quotes and pictures

This brand new, durable deck of 56 cards feature an inspiring, thought-provoking quote on one side and a powerful photo on the other, with activities designed to increase group engagement.

Ideal for inspiring authentic conversations, or to make conversations in meetings more memorable through the use of imagery. Or use them as a prop to help you make meetings, trainings, or classes more fun, productive, and efficient.

For example, ask your employees or participants to choose a card that represents a future that he or she wants to create. Spread all cards on the floor or on a large meeting table before the meeting starts. As participants arrive, ask them to choose a quote that mentions a future they themselves would like to be a part of. At the right time, ask each participant to tell the whole group about their quote and how it relates to their desired future.

Or, for example, ask your employees or participants to choose a random picture card and then go along with one other participant. Now ask everyone to tell a personal story from their life inspired by the partners picture cards. Once a pair has exchanged their stories, ask them to swap cards and find a new partner. Repeat 2 to 3 times. This exercise works really well whether you have 10 participants or 1.010 participants.

Produced by We and Me, Inc.

Dimensions 110 x 110 x 30mm, weight 260g.


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