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Interview BINGO is fun and serious

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10 Interview BINGO plates each with 12 half sentences. One of the 10 BINGO plates are completely blank, so your participants can fill in according to your topic. Interview BINGO is included a detailed leaders guide with winning criteria, methods, follow-up questions and awards. The complete BINGO pack is delivered in a PDF format.

The complete collection of Interview BINGO plates:
Leaders Interview BINGO plate
Ideas Interview BINGO plate
Meeting culture Interview BINGO plate
Measurements Interview BINGO plate
Competences Interview BINGO plate
Conversations Interview BINGO plate
'Getting to know each other' Interview BINGO plate
Acknowledgement Interview BINGO plate
You look happy Interview BINGO plate
The blank Interview BINGO plate: Fill it out yourself

Method 1
Invite everyone out on the floor and handout a BINGO plate and a pen. Everyone pair up and may now interview the partner. Ask the partner to complete the sentence and to add name and signature in the box. Then pair up with a new partner.

Read Method 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the BINGO Leaders Guide.

The value 
Interview BINGO handles new contributions, thoughts and ideas, so each participant takes away a practical plan for new actions. The value of talking about serious topics in a playful way is that the solemnity and seriousness does not become dominant and that the approach will encourage new discoveries.

Good luck with Interview BINGO!


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