Dialoogle Script for processes: Visual Innovation creates business results

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Create business results with pictures

The book 'Visual Innovation creates business results' is a motivating concept that systematically leads a group effectively through innovative processes in both short and long courses.

Innovation in small and large organizations. Systematic structured exercises. Hard cover, 48 pages. By Jesper Storm Nørskov and Michael Koefoed.

Visual Innovation systematically use pictures to break down traditional barriers of thinking and language, putting creative ideas in progress and create ideas, which are then put into play in an innovative process.

'Visual Innovation creates business results' is a script for innovative processes in small and large organizations. By following the simple instructions of the book anyone can assume the role of a facilitator and lead a group through the three phases:

  • The creative layer where ideas flourish and develop.
  • The innovative layer where creative ideas are turned into a professional, social or economic utility.
  • The entrepreneurial layer where the good innovative ideas are made ready to be implemented in the organization.

Dialoogle pictures
In a visual innovation process the picture game Dialoogle terminates the traditional organizational hierarchies and stimulates openminded and egalitarian thinking of managers and employees at all levels. Visual Innovation is a strength-based approach to management. It brings strengths to both managers and employees in order to create success and growth, both personally and professionally.

Using simple step-by-step exercises and ideas for innovative courses a group curiosity, a creative urge and a desire to take up challenges is awakened  In the process, a wealth of new ideas unfold, which can then be refined, prioritized and implemented.


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