DIY training: 'The NEW Business of Paradigms' with Joel Barker

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Think differently and grow

The NEW Business of Paradigms: DVD 18 min. English subtitles and narration. DVD also includes access to download course materials.

Companies have to be innovative to survive. Why is it that the fear is so prevalent? How can you encourage others to open up for change?

Joel Barkers film The New Business of Paradigms illustrates how the rules we live by may limit our ability to be creative. In example after example Joel Barker show why it is so imperative to think differently, so our companies and employees can thrive and grow.

The New Business of Paradigms is a two in one. The classic version is a remake of the original version. The new edition The 21st Century Edition includes a number of new stories and examples that clearly explains current paradigm shift.

The key messages
Paradigms are everywhere.
Paradigms are useful.
Do not let your paradigm become 'the paradigm'.
Intruders create new paradigms.
Changing paradigms requires courage.
You can choose to change your paradigm.


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