DIY training: 'The Leadership Pickles' with Bob Farrell

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Serve those who serve the customers

'The Leadership Pickles' DVD 18 minutes with danish subtitles.

What Bob Farrell did for customer service in the frisky hit 'Give 'em the PICKLE', he repeats for managers with 'The Leadership Pickles'. The film combines Bob Farrell's passion for customer service with powerful anecdotes about management, which provides a great and motivating cocktail for all leaders.

What is the definition of a leader?
According to Bob Farrell a leader is one who serves those who serves our customers. Employees also need 'pickles' (those small, special things that get customers to come back again and again).
Employees also want and need (pickles) something from you as their leader. And if they get it, they will follow you and achieve great things. If they do not get pickles from their leader, then the confidence and respect quietly evaporate.

'The Leadership Pickles' will inspire you to give employees their pickles through:

Spreading enthusiasm
Encourage trust
Demonstrating integrity

When you order 'The Leadership Pickles' you will receive:
1 'The Leadership Pickles' DVD with danish subtitles
1 The Leadership Pickles Leaders Guide 
1 Self Study Guide 

The benefits
The messages in the film are simple, meaningful and memorable. Bob Farrell is genuine and irresistible. The film and the tools are entertaining and full of joy.

Language versions
Cantonese, English, French, French Canadian, Portuguese (Subtitles), Simplified Chinese (Subtitles), Spanish, Traditional Chinese (subtitles).


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