Counseling: Create the commitment you wish

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Motivational counseling: Create the commitment you wish

Collaboration is something that occurs over time when more help each other favorably and make an effort to achieve common goals.

The indicated price kr. 2.500, - is per. h ex. materials, transport and VAT.

Here's our proposal for you and your employees. You are the Chief Executive and you are busy taking care of daily management. You try hard to create a partnership that is bursting with well-being. And of course it is hard work. At some point you run dry. And this is not strange at all. You need our help. We will suggest three ways:

1 We help you and employees
It starts with you and us having a conversation.
Then we deliver an 'eye-opener' for everyone.
Then we conduct interviews with everyone individually or in pairs about what they stand for, their values, the meaning of work.
Then we gather everybody again and make the agreements.

2 We coach you (the leader)
Then you do what will work best for you, the employees and your company.

3 Do it yourself with tools and a 'little' help from us
With a Starter PACK: The Starter Pack for Leaders with 15 valuable tools: READ MORE HERE.
We coach you (the leader).

Is it words like these you would like to say
The holder of a roofing company says:

'Our people are roofers. They also have dreams, emotions and a mind of their own. They want to be a part of a successful business, where each and one of them have a position and where their views matter. When we started to listen to their views, we became a better company. Therefore, we threw an amount in the order of 1.5 million DKK in employees per. year. Believe me, it's coming back tenfold.

It is not normal to do so in our industry. Although most employees appreciate it loudly, then there are also some who do not. And that's OK. We have done it unconditionally. Our industry is volatile, and we invest lots of time and money in employees. Just a few of them will make it work. They are like seeds. They will grow and it affects the others.

We say: Take a responsibility for your behavior and cooperate and enjoy developing other people. It is a heavy responsibility. When you come to our company we expect you to help develop colleagues as soon as you have developed yourself. We are able to lift each other over hill and valley. And this is how we want to get where we want to go be together. '


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