The Motivation Game

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Getting started with motivation

The Motivation Game (danish version only): The game contains 140 cards. 56 Activity cards 17 sources of inspiration, 37 cards with basic conditions and 30 cards with obstacles. The Leaders Guide includes 5 playing methods that you can vary depending on your needs and experiences. The game can be played alone or in groups.

What motivates you?
What prevents you for being motivated?
What are the basic preconditions for you to be motivated?

These are simple questions that you and your colleagues have different answers for.

'The Motivation Game' is fun and simple
Does it affect your motivation, knowing your own and your colleagues answers to these questions? The Motivation Game makes it fun and easy to find the answers. In choosing a headline and delves into the motivation and find it. 1-2-3, you are in the process of motivation.

When you order The Motivation Game, you receive 2 bonus methods. You will receive them in a PFD along with the order confirmation.

Bonus Method 1: The energetic method
Motivation in the palm of your hand.
Get to know one another. Have a better understanding of what motivates your colleagues and its importance in daily life. This makes it easier to help each other to keep motivation alive.

Bonus Method 2: A solitaire method
Renew your motivation.
4 cards will stimulate and challenge your thinking about your own motivation.

In the sample game you will be asked to decide:
What activities do you enjoy the most?
What are the sources of inspiration that encourages you the most?
What basic conditions must be met?
What obstacles do you see?


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