FISH! Trainer Tools

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FISH! and tips for your presentation

FISH! Trainer Tools: 130-page guide with DVD, CD and various conversation cards. The material is in English language.

Loads of ideas for your next presentation
A FISH! presentation is a process that invites participants to examine their way of creating relationships with colleagues and clients. Your participants are invited to take a look at themselves.

FISH! TRAINER TOOLS material contains a complete guide of 130 pages that gives you the methods for your 'invitation' and how to begin the journey that leads to your new culture.

Save time and energy and get a myriad of proven techniques served on a 'silver plate' with exercises, stories and methods. On the DVD you can watch experienced FISH! facilitators in front of a live audiences. The DVD contains more than 25 small films, so you can see how it all works out. On the accompanying CD follows a series of PowerPoints, documents and PDF files - all for your own presentation.

All these tools are mounted in a nice binder, extra equipped with a set of 'Choose Your Attitude' conversation cards and a set of 'Make Their Day' conversation cards.


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